Indoor Range


Yearly Registration Fee (for everyone) – $5.00

Range Time / Per Person – $15.00 per hour

Eye Protection Rental (if needed) – $1.00

Ear Muffs Rental (if needed) – $1.00

Non -Members May Shoot

Any Handgun up to 50AE & Any Rimfire Rifle

Members May Shoot

All previously listed plus .233 Rifles (Soft Point Ammo Only)

At Freedom Firearms, we have 3 ranges with 15 available shooter points so you will almost never have to wait!  Come and enjoy shooting in indoor comfort.

Freedom Firearms is a great place to practice and stay up on your shooting skills.  For further improvement, consider attending one of our classes!  You can find information regarding individual classes (basic firearm safety, shooting skills, malfunction drills, and more) as well as have the ability to demo different guns/calibers and women’s night classes HERE.

Ask about range rentals for birthdays, anniversaries, work parties, reunions, or any special occasions.

Call (260) 483-9135 to schedule your class or range time.  See below for information regarding our annual memberships.

At Freedom Firearms, you do not need to be a member to shoot in our indoor range.  But, there are some great benefits to being one!  Like FREE hearing & eye protection per visit and unlimited range visits per year.  See below for information regarding our yearly memberships.

Yearly Memberships

Basic Membership – $350 / year

  • 1 hearing protection per visit
  • 1 eye protection per visit
  • Unlimited Range visits per year

Household Membership – $500 / year

  • Up to 4 household members
  • 4 hearing protection per visit
  • 4 eye protection per visit
  • Unlimited range visits per year
  • Members share up to 2 lanes.  Children must live in the same household as primary.  A responsible adult 21 year old or older must accompany minor children at all times.  All family members must present a valid ID to show proof of age & place of residence.

Memberships are due yearly and are non transferable, non refundable.  Pricing & Membership structure are subject to change.