Individual Classes/Beginner Intro*

1:1 Instruction: $65.00 per student/1 hour session OR $50 per student for 2 people/1 hour session

*Different guns/calibers available to try.  Selection varies.

This is your time to work on what you would like to learn or improve on.  Some common requests are listed below.  Let us know what you would like to work on, and we will design the instruction to meet your demands.

  • Basic safety: Firearms handling, Range safety/protocol, Laws and how they pertain to carrying.
  • Advanced Handling & Marksmanship Skills: Handling, Shooting Skills, Malfunction Drills.
  • Tactics: Multi Target Shooting, Cover vs. Concealment, Timed Exercises.
  • AR-15 Owners Class: Includes class work & range time.

Women’s Night Classes

  • FREE, up to one hour, classroom instruction on various topics.
  • 2nd Wednesday & Thursday of every month.  NO registration required.  Simply show up.
  • See our in store brochure for more detailed information.  Or request to join the closed group on Facebook here.

Any additional questions about any of these services, please ask our Instructors/Staff: Marc Schroeder, Keith Wallace, and Russell McCurdy.